Thursday, August 12, 2010

Noton. He that left to return wiser.

When I saw the Deathwatch shoulder bit on my terminator sprues I decided I really wanted to have at least one of them that had gone to serve with the DW. Noton was to be that fella.' 

Besom. Undaunted warrior. Brave peace-maker.

Finally got around to finishing and photographing two more of the 1st. This one is Besom. The Thunder hammer and shield guy. (The only t-hammer!)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Asrai at Jimcon! HOOOOO

So, I am attending a medium sized tournament next month named, Jimcon. It's a fairly fluffy/soft tourny and I've been looking forward to going to this one for a while. I'm taking my wood elves, of course, which will be their first tournament (and my first couple of games pretty much) under 8th. I'm anxious to see how the list I've put together operates. Here's the list:

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Owlbear done

Just a quick update. I finished painting the first (of five) owlbear. He hasn't been based yet. That'll come, though.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

WiP of my dreadnought

Here's a few shots of my dreadnought, Yaveho as a WiP

Though it sits in dust, it resides in honor.

I finished the second objective marker for my 1st company army. It's a flag. 

Preeeeetty original, if you ask me.


First Squad Done!

That about sums it up! Here's the 3rd squad of the 1st company TDA in all their glory.


This is Bodoway. My long range killer. He also rounds out the 3rd squad to 5 members. Yayyy 1/3 of my squads are done.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Treekin, er, owlbears...

With the onset of 8th edition, I've needed to add a few new units to my Wood Elf army. This meant treekin mostly. 

We've got something on the radar sir. Something old.

So, here we have my first objective marker for the army. The lost ancient wargear of Brother Ucoh.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lapu, the faithful

Here is the 4th fella' I've finished. Lapu.

Togqo, the speaker.

This is Togqo. So far he's my most converted terminator. The axe hand was actually a right hand from an assault marine that I had to hack into a left hand. The combi-flamer was a combi-plasma that I also hacked up.

Wicasa, the stern

Here is the 2nd terminator I've finished. Wicasa. He's go him a big ol' fist and a combi-melta. I decided to use the armor with three shoulder-sensors to indicate he's a bit of a crack-shot. Also, the tank commander head from the Land-raider set. I really like that... even if the antenna doesn't fit into his armor...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tamo, the young one

The Thunderbirds chapter insignia. Based off an actual Native American thunder bird symbol I found. Notice the Raven Guard similarity.

I am Nanaki. Son of Seto. I fear nothing.

Here are some shots of my custom space marine chapter. They're called the Thunderbirds. They're based off of Native Americans. My main inspiration for them and while painting them came, honestly, from the song Cosmo Canyon off of the FFVII soundtrack. I love that song. And Red XIII. I've tried to make their bases look like the bottom of a canyon as their home planet, Nen'puak looks mainly like the southwest. See Bryce Canyon. These shots are all going to be of my new list I'm building. It's an all 1st company terminator army using the space wolf codex.

I've drawn a lot of inspiration from Falces Imperialis over on the Warhammer Forum and The Vanus Temple as well. These guys will all have names and mini bios.


Monday, July 5, 2010

I also have other talents

Here are a few shots of my small goblin force I've started.

A unit filler. There's another snotling behind the bolder. I like the evilness this little guy has.

More Elves!

Here's another shot of my Treeman. He's pretty tall.

...his name is Birch Horn. I'm sorry again. I just had to.

The Wood Elves

First off, let's post some pictures of my favorite army. I have plenty of these guys finished (roughly 5000 points). Here are some older pictures. I'm not in the same country as these minis right now but I'll get some more pictures come September.

This is my treeman. Built from the plastic Ent set. I pretty much just love him.

Something Like a Man. But with a paint brush in his hand.

First post of my new blog. HAAAYYY. Anyway, the intention of this blog is to get out my nonstop stream of nerd-talk. My girlfriend is awfully tired of it. Mostly will be pictures of miniatures that I've painted. Maybe some other stuff, too. Maybe.

Hope it goes well!