Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wicasa, the stern

Here is the 2nd terminator I've finished. Wicasa. He's go him a big ol' fist and a combi-melta. I decided to use the armor with three shoulder-sensors to indicate he's a bit of a crack-shot. Also, the tank commander head from the Land-raider set. I really like that... even if the antenna doesn't fit into his armor...

You can see the crux-terminatus I added to his gun. The hand and gun are from the space marine commander set. I had to chop of the storm-bolter hand and replace it. I used greenstuff to make a new wrist-guard (or whatever you call the thing that overlaps their hand... and would prevent them from swiveling their wrists.) You can also see some butt-scuffs. He fell.
A close up of Wicasa's face. Dude is pissed.

A close up of his gun. (pew pew pew)

Dour and reserved, Wicasa speaks only rarely. However, the quiet marine sees with deep clarity what many astartes glance over as trivial. An old wound or a chink in the armor blaze out to Wicasa's sight. He would say that if his brother marines spoke less and observed more then they too would see with this clarity. Wicasa has been a member of the 1st for a long time and though Wahkan Viho has high hopes for him, Wicasa holds himself back. His lack of camaraderie and reluctance to communicate with his brother astartes holds him back from leadership.

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