Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We've got something on the radar sir. Something old.

So, here we have my first objective marker for the army. The lost ancient wargear of Brother Ucoh.

The idea I was going for here was that the 1st company stumbled upon the remains of an old venerable brother, lost in battle. I assumed that this would be something that wished to retrieve.

With my objective markers I had an interesting dilemma: just what would the 1st company of the Thunderbirds be going after. Obviously things they considered important. I wasn't going to make the objectives things they were attempting to kill, but rather, the reason they were mounting for battle. 

I've continued the canyon sandstone look here. The metal, however I wanted to look very old. I threw more browns on it than I do for the actual terminators. If you look, the left eye has been clawed out. I imagine that the fatal blow was some incredibly powerful attack that glanced from his shield and into his eye. Something that could have brought the venerable Ucoh down. Something like a point blank melta shot or a desperate swipe from a broodlord. 

So there you have it. One objective down. I've got another one WIP. It's my Eddie Izzard objective.

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