Tuesday, July 20, 2010


This is Bodoway. My long range killer. He also rounds out the 3rd squad to 5 members. Yayyy 1/3 of my squads are done.

I tried to give him a look like he was almost reveling in the destruction from his missiles. I repositioned his power sword hand slightly for it. Like he's almost shouting, "fly my words of doom!"

Or something.

I tried a new type of weathering on this guy, too. I made it look like the paint of his chapter symbol is chipping off slightly, revealing the brown armor under. You can see I added a crux-terminatus to his missiles.
I think his power sword turned out slightly better than Togqo's axe. 

To the warriors of the Thunderbirds the name, Bodoway, inspires. He is the scourge of xenos. He is the zealous slayer of enemies of Nen'puak. He is to be admired. There are some, however, which the name musters furtive glances and caution. For Bodoway is zealous in the killing of xenos. But is he too zealous over the killing? Is the blood lust he feels for his enemies too powerful. The librarian, Alo, warns him against this. Alo fears that Bodoway will be lost to the call of battle.

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