Friday, July 23, 2010

Yaveho, venerated brother. Ancestor who dwells in life.

I finally finished my dreadnought! Woo. I'm pretty happy with how he turned out.

I put more structure on his base as well.
I added a few little details to Yaveho. A crux-terminatus on his left shoulder. 3 separate clusters of purity seals and a flag on top. Gotta love them flags.
There's that third purity seal. I wanted the back to have at least something. You can see the wall I built up on the base as well.
Here's a close up of his flag. You can see the "thunder" better on the gold than you could on the iron obj. marker. I think the weathering came out pretty nice on this guy.
Leslie helped me come up with this idea. I really wanted something to cover the big blank area on his armor. I came up with a few ideas; a big feather, the wing part of the chapter symbol, a full bird, some Native American symbols, etc. We found pictures of people with tattoos of the arm-bands Native American warriors used to wear (99% of these people were white as hell I might add) And Leslie thought it would be cool to paint something like that on him. Here you are: Two feathers of a Thunderbird to symbolize his potency as a warrior.

Brother Yaveho has served with the 1st company since time immemorial. During the cursed Battle of Ketus he was a crack shot veteran laying down deadly-accurate fire on the renegade Reliquaries. No other Thunderbird accounted for as many dead renegades from the short range fire as Yaveho on those bloody fields. When the Thunderbirds emerged victorious Yaveho was at the fore, celebrating with his battle-brothers. However, in the hundreds of skirmishes to follow as Yaveho was sent on specialist mission after mission his fall became inevitable. It was a hard decision to prevent such a noble warrior the right to pass on to his ancestors but Yaveho's abilities were still sorely needed. They remain so to this day.

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  1. Very pretty Zac! He looks like one badass Thunderbird. I like that big gun too.