Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Togqo, the speaker.

This is Togqo. So far he's my most converted terminator. The axe hand was actually a right hand from an assault marine that I had to hack into a left hand. The combi-flamer was a combi-plasma that I also hacked up.

I like his ready pose.

Another shot. You can see a little rock behind him. Also the scripture on his purity seals.
A golden laurel. A sign of leadership skills.
Here you can see the gun. I added the little pilot-flame too. Also painted a slight OSL from it onto the metals.

Togqo won honor during the boarding missions onto the space hulk, Septis Caustis. He uncovered a cache of geneseed belonging to the Sons of Orar. During the mission he defended the cache from waves of plague demons and chittering shadows. When his brothers reconnoitered with him it was Togqo who carried the geneseed. Togqo has served as go-between for Wahkan Viho many times . He is known as an even-handed astartes with calm words and deep insight.

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  1. i think this is my favorite of your little marine guys so far. i like his axe!