Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lapu, the faithful

Here is the 4th fella' I've finished. Lapu.

Lapu is supposed to be a big guy who is faithful.

I wanted to make him look like he was running forward into battle.

You can sort of see the bit of torn flag he wears on his shoulder. I painted a thready-looking imperial eagle.

Leslie took this one. He's being a tough dude. TOUGH DUDE.

A close-up of his shield. Lots of chips and damage on it.

Veteran marine Lapu is a mountain of an asartes. He will dart between his brother marines and the deadliest attacks. He is confident that his ancestors will protect and watch him. Lapu covers himself in scriptures and symbols to show his faith and honor his ancestors. Lapu has never been proven wrong.

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