Thursday, August 12, 2010

Noton. He that left to return wiser.

When I saw the Deathwatch shoulder bit on my terminator sprues I decided I really wanted to have at least one of them that had gone to serve with the DW. Noton was to be that fella.' 

 You can see the continuation of the increased battle-damage. Also, I'm adding more structure to their bases. Really trying to push that "Cosmo Canyon" feel. I really like the way his claws and DW pauldron came out.


The relationship between the Thunderbirds and the Inquisition has always been strenuous. It is not unknown that the Thunderbirds revere the spirits of their ancestors. Some would call this practice heretical. Others see that the respect of ones ancestors is the duty and honor of all space marines. So the Thunderbirds formed a deathwatch pact. Noton left to join a deathwatch kill squad while he was an assault sergeant in the 6th company. During his time with the deathwatch squad he learned much of the ways of other chapters. Noton made connections with the father chapter of the Raven Guard as well as with the Howling Griffons, Emperor's Spears and the Taurans. He has seen many horrors but fights alongside his true brothers bravely. Noton knows the terror of the stars but has seen the light of the emperor.

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