Thursday, August 12, 2010

Besom. Undaunted warrior. Brave peace-maker.

Finally got around to finishing and photographing two more of the 1st. This one is Besom. The Thunder hammer and shield guy. (The only t-hammer!)

I tried to do a few different techniques with Besom. If you look on his shield you can see some claw marks. There's a small shrapnel mark on his left leg as well. The melee unit of terminators are going to have more battle damage on them, as they hypothetically will be, "in the shit."

I like the damage on the top of his armor.

Here's a close-up of the force effect pooling around on his hammer and glowing out of its' little engine-thing. Also knuckle damage. Presumably from punching a bloodthirster in the face or something else comparably heroic.

The mighty Besom is a warrior without peer. The quiet marine has steady, appraising eyes. Besom favors meeting enemy champions and rampaging monsters in battle to prove his skill against them. It is not unknown for him to stride the masses of enemies to reach his target. Coming to them covered in the fluids of their comrades. Besom never boasts, however, he merely seeks the next opponent.

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